Feb 10

The Future of Automation in Translation Industry

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Our vision of the future of the translation industry is based on three principles:
1.Advanced collaboration is key to effectively managing large-scale and urgent projects,
2.Technology should help translators and project managers simplify time-consuming routines and increase productivity, with artificial intelligence playing a large part in setting up teams and managing their performance,
3.High-value and SLA-compliant linguists are the strongest success drivers in translation projects, and technology must facilitate identifying and reinforcing the choice of such professionals.


Feb 15

A Strategic approach to improve your corporate brand with LinkedIn

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As one of the owners and the Sales and Marketing Manager of an LSP, my main concern has always been to get more sales and the best positioning of my brand everywhere. I guess if you work on sales or own an LSP, you can relate. 
Feb 20

International SEO – A business opportunity for LSPs and freelancers

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When Google applied the first Panda Update to its algorithm, it was a major blow for content farms. In pre-Panda times, they were able to boost their customers’ rankings with enormous amounts of low-quality content. In the following, I would like to explain how a cute endangered mammal can slash entire content farms and what this has to do with the language industry.