Apr 08

2017 Language Industry survey report is available for Network Members

More than 800 language industry stakeholders have given expressed their opinions and concerns about the current state and the future of our industry. With the additional support of FIT Europe, the International Federation of Translators, next to EUATC, Elia, GALA, the Lind group of the European Commission and the EMT network of universities, the survey now covers all major segments of the industry.

Thanks to the participation of language service companies, independent language professionals, translation departments within companies and public institutions, and a considerable number of universities, this 2017 survey allowed for a more in-depth analyses and meaningful comparisons between the various segments of the industry.

While all stakeholders see the same trends (Spoiler Alert: you are more optimistic than in 2016), concerns and opinions tend to vary between segments and countries.

The results will be presented in detail at the EUATC T-Update conference in Berlin on April 20th-21st and will be made public after the conference. In the meantime, EUATC is making the survey report available to the EUATC network members in the Members area of this website. If you are an EUATC Network Member (i.e. if you are a member of one of the national associations that are a member of EUATC), please feel free to request access to the Members area to take a sneak preview at the results and learn whether your colleagues expect prices to increase, whether training efforts are paying off and in general how they expect the industry to evolve.