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Mar 21

The EN-15038 Standard

The EN-15038 Standard
After the initial meeting, an International Committee was set up in order to include the representatives of the national committees, basically formed by translation companies, freelance translators, academic professors, universities and other translation-related players, reaching up to more than 100 people.
After six years of work, and based on the existing standards UNI 10574, DIN 2345, ÖNORM D 1200 and ÖNORM D 1201 together with EUATC’s standard, in 2006 CEN published the EN-15038 Quality Standard for Translation Services with the following contents:
•    prologue and introducción;
•    clause 1: scope;
•    clause 2: terminology used in the standard;
•    clause 3: basic requirements, including professional profiles of translators, revisers and reviewers, and continuing professional development;
•    clause 4: relationship between client and TSP, including the existence of orders or documents as a proof of that commercial relationship between them;
•    clause 5: translation service procedures, which is the core of the standard depicting the work flow of a translation project from the client’s request to the final checking and delivery;
•    clause 6: added-value services;
•    annex A: project registration details;
•    annex B: technical pre-translation process;
•    annex C: source text analysis;
•    annex D: style guide;
•    annex E: non-exhaustive list of added-value services;
•    bibliography.
Once the standard was published, all the existing European standards just disappeared, as European standards supersede the national ones.