May 13

EUATC survey 2014 shows positive mood

A presentation on the second EUATC survey on the Expectations and Concerns of European Translation companies is now available for download.

The 2014 EUATC survey confirms the picture of an industry consisting primarily of small businesses that largely share the same opinions and concerns as the individual professional translators and interpreters. Translation companies are concerned that today's market developments threaten traditional values, quality in particular, mainly as a result of price and time pressure and the potential loss of qualified resources. Expectations were not as optimistic as in 2013 but are nevertheless positive, both for the development of the industry and for the future of individual companies. Price pressure remains the main concern but a large majority does not expect further price decline in the near future. Also, a high number of respondents are considering domestic or international expansion. Machine translation is striking a cord in an increasing number of translation companies, but other hyped developments such as offshoring and crowdsourcing are given very low priority. European translation companies expect their associations to primarily defend their values in front of those who can influence translation purchase behaviours, not only by providing adequate information but also by lobbying for more formal regulations that protect the values that they consider important.


The purpose of the survey is to establish the mood of the industry, not to gather exact quantitative data. Compared to the first survey conducted in 2013 (and which can also be downloaded from the same link), the 2014 survey is more focused to even better reflect current expectations and concerns targeted entrepreneurs and others engaged in the translation industry, as well as all those interested in keeping up with the latest developments in the translation business from all over the world. 


Download the presentations here: 2014 and 2013.