Jan 06

Slovakian association establishing itself in the language community

ATCSK, the Slovakian association spent a great deal of time in 2016 laying the foundations to expand and attract more members.


The association, which currently has seven members, has amended its by-laws in August last year and these  were registered and published.  The following month the association set out to reconnect with established university partners in time for the beginning of the academic semester. It also reached to two other universities with aim to commence collaboration at least in the form of presentations for students.  September also saw the Association holding its quarterly meeting and the President, Michal Kmet, met with public procurement experts to share industry best practise.

In October last year ATCSK participated at the European Masters in Technology Network meeting in Nitra, which was organised by the Slovakia's only EMT member University Constantine the Philosopher. In the same month ATCSK made a special award to Prof. Edita Gromová of the Nitra University for her long-term cooperation and in recognition for work she has done in bridging the divide between academia and language industry.

On the standards front the Slovak translation of ISO 17100 was finally approved by all the technical committees and should be published in January of 2017. The Slovak translation of the standard came about through close and successful cooperation by ATCSK with a local FIT member and, according to Michal Kmet, he expects that the Slovak version will be widely accepted by LSPs and the freelancer community - something that did not happen with the Slovak version of EN 15038.

Starting in November ATCSK member companies provided the University of Nitra with 20 linguists to participate in two research projects:

-                Error Typology in Machine Translation into Slovak as an Inflectional Language

-                Evaluation of Machine Translation Output

ATCSK's plans for 2017 include a general meeting in March; a revision of its Code of Conduct and a refresh of its website that will highlight and differeniate its members more effectively.  It is hoped that the new website will help ATCSK attract more members.