Aug 08

Preparations for Balkan BLIS

Preparations are progressing for the Serbian Association of Translation Companies conference in Belgrade on 9-10 November.

This will be a broad conference covering the whole Balkan region. It is designed to address the issues facing its LSPs, and to give outsiders an insight into this fascinating region.

The keynote speaker is Robert Etches, who will be familiar to many. Robert will bring us up to date with new trends in the industry that often take time to percolate down to our region.

The Balkan market is dominated by many small and micro-enterprises. Many of them would benefit from using new technology, but have not yet felt sufficient pressure to overcome a lack of knowledge of unfamiliar applications and uncertain costs. We believe that a strong communication of the benefits could have a major impact, and this will be one of the goals of our conference.

We shall hear of the latest in neural machine translation, and a comparative analysis of CAT tools, followed by a debate in which the producers will have the opportunity to argue their case.

A second goal is to examine company organization and translation management standards. It is a central aim of SATC promote adherence to international standards, and we will look at their application in the region, together with Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Management. We shall also be discussing the relationship between companies and freelancers.

Read more about the conference on the web site that is developing from day to day